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 No Textbooks.




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no textbooks.

I use an entirely different approach to traditional textbooks. I utilize small building blocks of language which we continually reassemble into new patterns so that you can express your own thoughts and ideas from the very first lesson, rather than memorizing set phrases. I create homework to help you practice between lessons and I give you specific recommendations and advice for how to practice. With each lesson, I continually calibrate and adjust my techniques to your progress as we graft in additional building blocks along the way. It’s fun!

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Everyone loves the feeling of playing games and solving mental puzzles that one might find reasonably challenging at the beginning, and then overcoming and resolving it at the end. It is a great feeling to laugh spontaneously and enjoy the process. Learning a new language is exciting. Unfortunately, many people have early memories of language learning in schools which are tedious, boring, and painful, but I can guarantee that the process absolutely does not have to be this way. Let me show you another method, an enjoyable one based on real street Italian!

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My priority is to prepare all of my students to understand and speak street Italian. From the very first lesson, we will focus on the sort of things that you will really be encountering when you travel. I have personally spent a lot of time exploring Western Europe and I understand what it really takes to communicate with the locals. Although we will certainly cover words and grammar together, it is always in the light of speaking and understanding the language. I often tell students that speaking another language is 5% words and 95% confidence. I will help you develop that confidence from within using an effective way to learn and practice!


Over the years, I have taught thousands of lessons to hundreds of students, and these methods have been proven to work over and over again, with student after student, and their feedback supports the fact that my unique approach works (check out the testimonials!). My teaching style is effective and efficient because I use the playful elements of creative building blocks, and I continually engage with each student to help mold their understanding and continually practice and drive their skills forward. I am excited to share my passion with you. Side note: it is contagious!

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